Update to Global Giving campaign

Thank you so much for supporting Teach By Tech! We had an excellent first week of fundraising. Thanks to you we had 12 donors donating a total of $935 in the first week. We are on track to meet our goal of $5000 by at least 40 different donors. More exciting news for us, Teach By Tech has become a partner of Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains! This is a wonderful partnership and will offer us the opportunity to reach and serve a larger refugee population in Colorado. By assisting refugee women in attaining financial literacy skills and business education, their chances of a successful transition to the U.S. is greatly increased. 

In the past two weeks, we have meeting with potential clients and discussing their needs and desires for the financial literacy classes. It is important to cater the classes to the specific needs of the populations we will serve. This makes every cohort unique. We are excited to continue meeting with the diverse refugee population in Denver.

Behind the scenes we have been developing the appropriate financial literacy curriculum and preparing storyboards for video production. Thanks to our partnership with Denver Open Media Foundation we should be in the studio soon recording the digital media for our courses. One aspect of our non-profit model that sets us apart, is our development of a hybrid model for education. This model is presented in 50% face to face classes and 50% video modules. The video modules are downloaded directly to the particpants mobile phones. This alleviates complications with transportation and the obstacle of time that prevent many women from pursuing education.

The generosity of our donors is what makes the success of Teach By Tech possible. Thank you again for contributing to our campaign. Your donations go a long way in helping refugees. Please continue to support us by sharing our story with your friends and colleagues and encouraging them to donate to Teach By Tech. Together we will be able to reach our goal and empower local refugees.

You can contribute to this campaign until December 31, 2017 by clicking here:



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