Giving Tuesday Nov 28, 2017

Why give on Giving Tuesday or any other day?

Giving Tuesday marks the beginning of the end of the year giving season. Many of you may be met by a deluge of donation requests. Though this can be frustrating and overwhelming, remember that your donations go a long way in making non-profits successful. For small non-profits, like Teach By Tech, every dollar you give is maximized to provide the greatest amount of need.

Small and local non-profits primarily, if not wholly, use donations to fund new and existing programs. Because many rely on volunteers and contributions, the overhead cost is minimal and program impact is increased. This #Giving Tuesday and throughout the year find non-profits that inspire you or support causes dear to your heart. Is it education, women, animals, the environment, youth, or something else? Go for it! Donations in any amount are welcomed. No donation is too small! If you do not wish to donate money or feel uncomfortable doing this, that is OK too. Most non-profits need volunteers with skills you have. You can volunteer or spread the word about the cause of the non-profits you support. Give back to your community/state/country by getting involved. What unites us? Our capacity for compassion and willingness to lend a helping hand, dollar, or voice.

Giving Tuesday is Nov 28th. At Teach By Tech we are happy to announce that we have been accepted to participate in the #GlobalGiving Accelerator! Our goal is to raise $5000 from at least 40 different donors in order to become a permanent partner. The donations collected for this campaign will be used to provide financial literacy and business education classes to female refugees living in Colorado! Our campaign begins Nov 28th. Please share this to help us get the word out!