Down the Rabbit Hole continued

So, “How can we get education and skills into the hands of women in the developing world who have little time, little literacy and little opportunity?” We know that on average women work three more hours a day on housework and child/eldercare. We know that women earn about 60% of men’s wages and many women are employed in the informal sector[1] These stats are stounding, but also changeable. I had an idea. What if we could teach women business skills which would give them more autonomy and teach them from anywhere? This would not only give women the skills they needed to thrive, but it would also open the doors to financial inclusion. They could learn from the convenience of their homes, while completing their housework or jobs. By bringing education to the women, we could solve the accessibility problem. But how can this be done? Think… What is it that we have in 21st century that connects us near and far to a world of information?.... mobile phones.   

As an educator in the U.S. I have seen the emergence of new technologies that put knowledge at the fingertips of all who desire it. Our mobile phones can be used for class, videos, language learning, tutoring, discussions and exchanges of ideas. So, I thought why can’t people in the developing world also have this luxury?  You may think it is because the people of the developing world lack mobile phones. Well, you would be wrong. Most people in the developing world do lack access to laptops, but a growing number have access to mobile phones. You’re probably thinking, people in the developed world have easy access to the web, this is not true in the developing world. On this you would be right. So how can we make business education accessible when there is no connectivity? Again, the modern technologies of mobile phones provide us with the tools we need to overcome the challenge of connectivity. Now that we figured out the technology, we needed to solve the technical aspect of hybrid business education modules for illiterate to semiliterate women. For this, improved skills would be needed. Adobe Photoshop, Premier Pro, Final Cut Pro X Motion 5 would all need to be mastered. What a journey this has been. Tune in next time to discover the joys and tribulations of the world of Adobe and Final Cut Pro.