I realize that this cliché to say, but collaboration is key. In the non-profit sector collaboration takes on many meanings. For Teach By Tech, collaboration has been invaluable. Our partner organizations have offered us important advice, allowed us to use their facilities free of charge, provided access to a network of clients and made excellent suggestions to improve our curriculum or simplify concepts. As an emerging nonprofit, navigating the many demands of the nonprofit arena are daunting and overwhelming. Collaborating with other non-profits working with our target population has allowed us to build trusts between potential clients. By shadowing ESL classes and introducing mini financial literacy lessons, we develop relationships with students and encourage them to join our financial literacy programs. Collaboration also offers nonprofits the ability to better serve their clients. For instance, our partners provide ESL classes, medical and dental clinics and housing needs of the refugee community. But none teach financial literacy classes or money concept classes. In fact, Denver is woefully lacking in providing financial literacy classes to refugees and immigrants. Some organizations leave this critical information to be relayed by cultural volunteers, which means if the material is being covered at all, it is ad hoc. Other organizations offer financial literacy classes, but do not tailor the curriculum to the refugee community or account for language barriers. Teach By Tech focuses primarily on refugees and newcomers to the US. By partnering and collaborating with other refugee oriented nonprofits, each organization can successfully focus on different aspects of the same mission. Collaboration empowers organizations to better respond to complex issues. In the case of Teach By Tech this means collaboration is key to aid in the successful integration of the refugee community.

Collaboration makes the big picture possible as each nonprofit focuses on their expertise and best serves the target community. Get out there and find partners! Together we can make a difference!


Blog post by Linnie Pawlek, founder of Teach By Tech, Inc. a 501 (c)3 organization located in Colorado, USA. To learn more about how Teach By Tech is working to make education accessible to vulnerable populations around the world, visit our webpage: www.teachbytech.org