New 9-week Financial Literacy classes

Hope Communities

Class begins Wednesday September 11, 2019


Learning Center Hidden Brook Apartments


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TBT-name.png  envisions a world where all who desire education can access it. We believe in the power of education. It can alleviate poverty, bring about equality and connect cultures. Unfortunately, people are denied education due to accessibility and cultural demands. Loss of education falls mostly on women and girls.  

Teach by Tech aims to bring education to marginalized women and girls of the developing world. Because many women cannot “take a day off” from work to spend in the classroom, Teach by Tech will bring education to the women. By using our extensive access to educators in a variety of fields we are able to create individualized education modules that meet the demands and needs of our clients.

We use mobile technology to reach our clients and provide accessible education. Teach by Tech understands that the needs of women vary from region to region. This is why we are committed to forming partnerships with grassroots organizations in each country that we work and creating an environment of trust and sustainable futures.

flclass.jpgWhy educate women and girls?

Educating women and girls :

  • would add billions to the world economy
  • leads to decreases in child marriage
  • lowers the early birth rate
  • decreases infant mortality
  • narrows the pay gap between men and women
  • provides role models for future generations and decreases the likelihood that daughters will drop out of school